Based in Brighton UK, Zoë Charlotte works independently as a surface pattern designer, illustrator and hand-letterer. Growing up in Melbourne, Australia with very creative parents, she was always encouraged to draw, paint and generaly make a mess – she taught herself to use Adobe Illustrator when she was 12 and Photoshop at 15.

Coming from a background in English Literature, her designs are inspired not just by nature, but by stories – books that she’s read, travels she’s experienced and tales she’s created. Her designs are available for licence on stationery, homewares and textiles.



  1. Sue says:

    Hi Zoe. Just wanted to say I saw your work this morning at the fair & I think it’s amazing. Wishing you every success in what I’m sure will be a growing thriving business. I will be following your work & look forward to when you have a website set up. I think you are very clever!
    All the best.
    Sue x

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    1. zoëallen says:

      Thanks so much Sue! I’m working on my website now so look out for a link on my blog once it becomes live!


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